Fully automatic straw 、spoon straw、chopstick printing & packing machine


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We also produce high quality two-color printing packing machine for

Chopsticks、Toothpick、Dental Floss 、Ice-Cream Spoon、coffee stir and

Spoon Straw making machine,Fully automatic straw counting packaging sealer

One-Step Printing,Filling and Packing.  Welcome to inquire for more details.

ck-102 spoon straw making machine video ck-105 straw packing machin video ck-107 coffee stirrer packing CK-105 straw packing machine video

Straw printing and packing Spoon straw Straw counting packaging sealer Coffee stir coffee stirrer
Dental Floss Toothpick  tongue depressor Chopstick straw packing paper type